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JBE062 Fitness Center Renovation

Knik Goose Bay Elementary

Client Satisfaction...Guaranteed


Tom Lawson
Re: EAFB Fitness Center
Fitness Center Director
U.S. Air Force

"Easy to work with, respected views of end user, excellent communication between all involved with the construction project, always ready to make adjustments………………… an exceptional company to work with-they created a top notch facility."


Patrick M. Coullahan, P.E., PMP, CFM
Re: Panel Presentation
Chief, Construction/Operations
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Alaska District

"Thank you for your outstanding panel presentation to the 2009 Corps of Engineers Design-Build Industry Quality Forum. Your remarks were right on target and expertly integrated many concepts of your extremely successful Design-Build leadership perspective. As our Alaskan MILCON Design-Build projects present increasingly complex challenges, your keen insights were invaluable for ensuring we address quality, schedule, and cost as we prepare for the future. Your insight into working with the user more directly; the knowledge of building envelopes that work in Alaska; and the coverage of features that lend itself to Design-Build are all food for thought and were well received. We appreciate your support and look forward to working with you on many more great Design-Build MlLCON efforts."


Randy Hall
Re: 2005/2006 Fort Greely Missile Defense
Lieutenant Colonel, U.S. Army
Deputy Project Manager, Ground Systems
Ground-Based Mid Course Defense

"I would like to commend and express my appreciation to UNIT COMPANY/SKW for the successful completion of the second In-Flight Interceptor Communication System (IFICS) Data Terminal (IDT) Facility at Ft. Greely, Alaska. You, your staff, subcontractors and the entire team’s professionalism, skill and hard work are to be commended for you dedication to completeing a quality complex facility within the Building Occupancy Date (BOD) timeframe. UNIT's attention to detail and dedication meeting the schedule allows the Government and the subcontractors to install and check-out Ground-Based Midcourse Defense (GMD) critical hardware to support the defense of our nation. Your efforts reflected a thorough understanding of the work required to deliver a quality product. The accomplishments and contributions of UNIT COMPANY/SKW were of the highest caliber and your work exemplifies dedication to meeting the schedule and providing outstanding customer service."


William L. Lamb
Re: 2005/2006 Fort Greely Missile Defense
Colonel. U.S. Army
BMDS Worldwide Deployment PMO,

"I have reviewed the construction contracts for BMDS Worldwide Deployment at Fort Greely Alaska during 2006 and would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere appreciation to you and your team from Unit/SKW, Morley Electric, and Western Mechanical. The construction modifications to the MDA Fort Greely facilities contracted under CE2 (Capability Enhancement Entry Control building with Potable Water Pump House, ISFAC and IDT2) were completed on time within costs and with very few minor deficiencies."


Bryan Gootee
Re: Safeway Remodels
Safeway, Inc.
BMDS Worldwide Deployment PMO,

"They surgically do our remodels. They understand our expectations; that we never shut anything down. Customers will not tolerate the bakery not being there, the deli not being open. Unit Company makes sure production areas are up and running. They get in and do a job on time and with the least disturbance to the environment of the store."