2016 AGC Excellence in Construction Award


The Koliganek K-12 School project received the Excellence in Construction Award as a result of UNIT COMPANY (UNIT) being able to complete the school with all of the transportation constraints this project faced. This 17,900 SF school included 11 classrooms, a library, computer lab, shop and gym. Work scopes included the demolition of the existing K-12 School, all related hazardous materials abatement, and the demolition or relocation of numerous other existing site structures. The new school has a structural steel frame, concreate slab on grade. Also insulated wall and roof panels, with metal siding and roofing exterior.

The Koliganek K-12 School project had some unique challenges, because of its remote location. Koliganek is a Southwestern Alaskan community located along the western bank of the Nushagak River and lies 65 air miles northeast of Dillingham - making it the furthest village up the river.  Koliganek has a population of approximately 200 people and is the highest village on the river (approx. 130 miles upriver). The Koliganek K- 12 School project was constructed for the Southwest Region School District and achieved substantial completion in August 2015 before the 2015/2016 school year was to begin.