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Year Completed: 1992


Institutional/Health Care

New Construction

Providence Cancer Therapy Linear Accelerator Additon

UNIT COMPANY was intensely involved in the design development as well as the construction of the 2,514 SF very specialized Linear Accelerator Addition to the Providence Cancer Therapy wing.

Work included the demolition of existing offices as well as the demolition of the existing 3-foot thick concrete structure that housed the existing equipment.  When we began work on the new addition to house the hospital’s new linear accelerator our judiciously scheduled weekend and night work plus the use of specialty demolition equipment, the disruption associated with exterior demolition work was held to a minimum.

UNIT COMPANY remained flexible as the design developed and revisions were identified. The linear accelerator went on line as scheduled and costs held to a minimum through the efforts of all parties involved.

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Providence Cancer Therapy Linear Accelerator Additon