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Year Completed: 1992


Institutional/Health Care

New Construction

Providence Ambulatory Surgery Phase I & II

The Providence Ambulatory Surgery Center 20,300 SF project was an endeavor that placed considerable demands on UNIT COMPANY skills in terms of the construction as well as overall project management.  Meeting Providence’s schedule with a minimum amount of disruption was the top priority, also we had to produce a project that met the highest quality requirements in the most affordable manner. As it turned out, the ambulatory surgery center opened for use ahead of schedule and the project came in under budget.  Providence not only realized a cost saving on the project, they were able to capitalize on their investment two months early.

This project consisted of two phases, the first phase included all demolition, excavation, foundation, concrete, utilities, and all necessary temporary construction as well as reconstruction of the existing recovery area and the corridor connecting link.  The second phase included all construction above the first level floor, interior construction and remodeling on multiple levels and all exterior work.