City of Seward Long Term Care Facility


The City of Seward selected UNIT to construct a new long term care facility to be owned by the City and operated by Providence Health Care.  The Project is the first of a new generation of long term care facilities to be built in Alaska. The site design and the building designs are based on the Green House Project program and design philosophies that treat long term care facilities as the residents’ “home.”

The program consists of two major components: 1) Residential Programs, and 2) Common Public/Business Programs.

The Design includes four Residential Housing Units accommodating 10 residents each and a Central Commons Building consisting of General Stores, Delivery, Housekeeping, Laundry Services, Maintenance, Administration, Chapel, Conference/Training and Therapy.   The houses incorporate all the amenities of home, including private bedrooms and bathrooms, community living room, kitchen, dining, personal laundry room, exterior living space (patio) and other support spaces as storage and pantry. Other areas are provided to accommodate services to the residents, including Physical Therapy, Office, Soiled Room and Clean Supply. While serving as residential units all construction was performed to institutional health care standards as a result of the planned resident health status.

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