King Cove School Repairs


The King Cove School Repairs project consisted of removing and replacing the entire exterior shell of a 43,000 SF school in one short summer on the Alaskan Peninsula. This project involved having the majority of the exterior siding removed and replaced along with the replacement of over a hundred windows. This process created a difficult challenge because once a wall was opened, the interior was exposed to the elements. The demolition began on the last day of school; May 21st 2016 and the major repairs were completed prior to school starting in the fall; August 22, 2016. We were able to develop an efficient schedule of construction for this project that provided zero impact to the school’s schedule.

During construction it was discovered that the buildings heating system was not functioning as designed. Leaky and faulty valves were discovered throughout the facility. UNIT provided a professional evaluation of the system and recommend several remedies. We were able to coordinate the materials, and subcontractors, to perform this additional scope of work within the original time frame and did not affect the original overall schedule. 

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