FTW376 Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Hangar


Owner: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

Architect: McCool Carlson Green

UNIT was awarded this 56,658 SF Design-Build, cold-climate, Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) Hangar in Spring of 2017. Work included an operations and maintenance hangar with shops, special foundations, taxiways, aircraft aprons and organizational parking. The hangar interior included container storage for the aircraft when boxed, and indoor storage for organizational equipment, paint/oil/lubricants and hazardous materials. 

The building aircraft storage area is approximately 29,000 sqft and includes a concrete foundation and column-free space in a climate controlled, enclosed shelter.  The space is heated through the radiant floor and has unit heaters to provide heat recovery for the space when the hangar doors are opened in winter conditions.  There is an underhung bridge crane that services the entire hangar space and the aircraft are protected by a high expansion foam (HEF) fire protection system.  The administration portion of the building includes an arms vault, various offices, conference rooms and storage spaces.  Other building features include the installation of an Energy Monitoring & Control System, fire protection and alarm systems and Building Information Systems. Supporting facilities include utilities, electric service, exterior and security lighting, fire protection and alarm systems, security fencing and gates, water, steam and condensate heating system, sewer, oil water separators, storm drainage and site improvements such as paving, walks, curbs and gutters, and complies with UFC 4-010-01 DoD Antiterrorism Force Protection Measures.

The UAS Hangar featured a high-performance thermal envelope for the arctic environment that includes R-60 walls and R-90 roof insulation values. The UAS Hangar pays homage to the heritage, especially Hangars 2 & 3, through its form, massing, materials, colors, fenestration and detailing.  Daylighting was created via insulated translucent panels located on all four sides of the Hangar.  All personnel spaces offices, training and briefing rooms, except for spaces that required view to the hangar have exterior windows and view.