Owner: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

 Architect: Black & Veatch: LRDR Substation and Mission Power, AECOM + TETRA TECH JV: LRDR Mission Control Facility, and RIM Architects/PDC Inc. Engineers: LRDR Complex Site Infrastructure

 The Long-Range Discrimination Radar (LRDR) program constructed a new CONUS radar site to provide enhanced discrimination and hit assessment of potential targets for Pacific threat trajectories toward Enhanced Homeland Defense capability.

UNIT COMPANY and ASRC SKW Eskimos (together as UNIT-ASRC Construction, LLC) were awarded the Construction Package #1 Mission Control Facility portion of the LRDR program at Clear AFS, Alaska in Spring of 2017.  This project included the construction of a 50,000 SF Mission Control Facility (MCF), the LRDR Complex Site Pad and infrastructure. This facility provides operations/maintenance space, utilities for the radar system, and environmentally controlled equipment areas. The fully designed facility includes a reinforced concrete foundation, structural steel frame with insulated metal skin, HEMP shielding, ground water cooling wells, heat plant, power substation, fire suppression/detection, site improvements, utility and communications extensions, and all other necessary work to provide a complete and useable facility.


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