YUUT Elitnaurviat - The People's Learning Center - Expansion and Renovation


Owner:  YUUT Elitnaurviat, Inc.

Architect: NorthForm Architecture, LLC

In late 2022, UNIT COMPANY and Bethel Federal Services (under Bethel Federal-UNIT JV), were awarded the renovation and expansion of the TESS Building on the YUUT Elitnaurviat Campus in Bethel, AK.  The project consists of a new two-story addition to the existing Technical Education and Support Services (TESS) Building,  renovation to the existing 3-story TESS building, as well as site improvements on the northern portions of the campus including importing and compaction of fill and extension of site utilities.

The addition includes the construction of a new two-story  building, south of the existing structure and will require connecting to the existing systems, including power, domestic water, sewer, telecommunications, fire alarm, fire sprinklers, and glycol heat.

Renovations to the existing three-story TESS building include renovating the existing 2nd and 3rd floor dental clinic and support space, alter the existing Multi-Purpose Room to construct new second floor within the existing two-story space, and revamp the existing main entrance vestibule, Lobby, Lobby Stair and surrounding area to provide separate entrances for adult education students and high school education students.  Other areas that will receive repairs and improvements include the existing exterior walls at the north end of the building, the storefront system above the main entrance and miscellaneous plumbing, HVAC, electrical power and lighting, fire suppression sprinklers, fire alarm and telephone system.

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