ANC Parking Garage PG111 Repairs & Improvements


Owner:  State of Alaska

Architect: KPB Architects

The State of Alaska awarded UNIT COMPANY the contract for the repair and preventative maintenance of the Parking Garage at Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport in December of 2022. The parking garage is 405,056 SF and can accommodate up to 2,025 vehicles yet having never undergone any major renovations in its 50-year existence.  The project was designed to significantly extend the aging structure’s service life through strengthening of structural elements, concrete repairs, waterproofing, and painting. Construction began onsite in April of 2023 and is slated to be fully complete by October 2023. Repairs and improvements to the parking garage include:

  • Repair of spalled concrete. 
  • Select replacement of decking membrane. 
  • Select decking surface repair. 
  • Repair of cracked concrete. 
  • Repair of heat trace and roof drains.
  • Lighting improvements throughout. 
  • Emergency phone replacement. 
  • Overall slab treatment at parking level 1

Among the significant challenges we faced were the airport’s requirements that the vital garage remain open during the restoration, and that only a limited number of spaces could be closed off at any one time. To adhere to the tight schedule, UNIT performed the work in stages in order to minimize the impact.  We also provided well-considered movable traffic gates, wayfinding signage, and continuous monitoring of traffic flow in order to maintain parker convenience and minimize confusion.

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