New Safeway Regional Admin Office


This tenant improvement involved the complete demolition of existing retail space to make room for new administrative offices at the Eastgate Safeway located on Boniface & Debarr in Anchorage, Alaska.  (6) new roof top air handlers and a emergency generator were added to the roof.  This required structural upgrades to the roofing system.  Sonotubes were also added to allow daylight to enter the office space and be difused throughout.  Large interior storefront walls were constructed to create office spaces for the different departments.  UNIT  not only coordinated the construction of the new facility but managed the moving of equipment and furniture from the old location to the new office space.  This was cordinated and completed over the weekend so office personal could come back to work that Monday at the new location with all their files and materials in there new offices.  This also included the erection of the office cubicle spaces.

Additional Photos