Knik Goose Bay Elementary


Knik Goose Bay Elementary was a 54,000 SF design-build, fast-track project, completed in 12 months verses the normal two years it takes to commplete a school of this size. Construction began the fall of 2006 with an operating school on the same site. The Mat-Su Borough needed a new school in the Knik Goose Bay area in order to relieve the overcrowding of the nearby schools and to accomidate the continued growth  in that vicinity.  UNIT was able to complete this project, including winter season structural work, while still providing the owner with $3.5 M in cost savings compared to their previous prototypical design.

This cost savings allowed the Mat-Su Borough extra funds for UNIT to provide a solution to the parking and traffic flow of both the new and existing school by redesigning the site and upgrading the State of Alaska road servicing both schools.


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