Anchorage Federal Building


UNIT COMPANY working with Kanag'Iq contracted with the General Services Administration (GSA) as the Construction Manager as Constructor (CMc) for the Prospectus Alteration of the Federal Building, U.S. Courthouse and Annex in Anchorage, Alaska.  This multi-task, multi-stage project involved, among other items, compete renovation of the HVAC System, which required removal and reinstallation of practically all of the ceilings.

This 640,000 S.F. facility was fully occupied by more than 1,300 personnel working in one of 106 individual groups within 36 separate agencies.  As a part of our responsibilities, we developed and implemented a plan to systematically relocate a majority of the tenants to allow the work to be accomplished.  Specialized tenants, whose work did not allow relocation, such as the federal courts, occupied approximately 12% of the non-relocatable areas.  In these cases it was necessary to perform the work during off-hours and to keep the spaces in an occupied condition.

We encountered many unforeseen situations necessitating numerous changes in scope, inherent to this type of project.  In spite of these we succeeded in establishing and maintaining a consistent, cooperative and efficient team relationship with both the client and the design team.

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