Fort Greely Missile Assembly Building (MAB)


The 30,000 SF MAB at Fort Greely is the only facility of its type in the State of Alaska. UNIT was selected as the general contractor to construct the MAB as part of the 2002/2003 Missile Defense work. We were selected based upon our reputation for being able to construct large concrete and steel structures under adverse conditions and our previous military construction experience in the state of Alaska.  This facility was constructed simultaneously with the other four facilities we were constructing on the missile defense site.  We utilized separate supervision and QC staff while commingling other support staff from our overall project team. We assembled a project staff that was experienced and capable of managing multiple construction projects at the same time.

The work itself involved industrial concrete and steel construction to build a facility to withstand a possible explosion caused by the assembly of the fuel stage components of interceptor missiles. This included massive concrete walls in the center of the facility which serve as the blast protection.  Additional unique challenges in this facility were the mechanical systems which used unique cooling and heating systems which were designed to be compatible with the missile assembly function of the building.  The security and alarm systems of this facility coupled with the lightning protection and other unique features were challenging to construct and commission.

The project included staff training rooms, break rooms and locker facilities for the personnel who where the end users of the facility. All items were constructed to Missile Defense standards. 

Significant efforts were required to compile and complete the As-builts, FSOMM

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