ELM280 Corrosion Control/LO Maintenance Facility, Phase 2


Design and construct a two-bay 23,000 square-foot hangar facility supporting Low-Observable (LO) and Composite Repair Maintenance (CRX) required on the F-22 aircraft. Facility included 2-hangar bays with corrosion-control systems, support spaces and associated mechanical, electrical, fire-protection, communications, and security systems.  

Site-civil and ancillary work included utility extensions, radiant-heat/snow-melt apron system, approach roads, and connections to active flight-line.  Design and Construction of features to support the F-22 Corrosion Control /LO Maintenance Facility Phase II including: a combination Portland Cement Concrete (PCC) and asphalt concrete hangar access apron, vehicle access roadway with security gate, security fence, utilities, fire protection waterline loop, storm drainage, roof drain system, and force protection. Project required precise coordination with the US Air Force as the adjacent two-bay facility was operational and on an active flight-line servicing F-22 Raptor aircraft.  UNIT served as Prime Subcontractor to Bethel Services, Inc.

The project was designed to a LEED industrial Silver Standard.

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